MSE Consecration Prayer

Act of Consecration.
Virgin of Fatima, Queen of Mercy and Mother of the Eucharist, we consecrate ourselves and our community entirely to your Immaculate Heart. Set us on fire with love for your Son in the Blessed Sacrament, that we may work zealously for His Eucharistic Reign and for the triumph of your Immaculate Heart. Pour out upon us the spirit of Elijah, that we may go before the Lord to prepare His way.

Remember, Our Lady of the Eucharistic Heart,
the unlimited power which Jesus has given you over His Heart
in the Sacrament of His love.
Remember that you possess all His infinite riches
and that your divine Son always fulfills
your requests and your desires.
O Virgin of the Host,
Virgin most pure, burning with love,
receive our prayer,
you who always answer with blessings.
Take possession of our souls and consume them
in the sacred fire of the Eucharistic Heart.
Grant that we may become like you
hosts with Jesus.
Reveal to the world
the streams of peace and charity
which spring from the altar.
Our Lady of the Eucharistic Heart,
admit us to the court
of the King of love.
Be our model there
until you welcome us into His eternal court.*

Keep us faithful to the grace and charism we have been given. Send us holy vocations, men who love you and your Son in the Blessed Sacrament above all things. All for the glory and honor of your Son Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Amen.
* (Bl. Dina Bélanger)

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  1. Mary Scialabba says:

    Beautiful! Ad Jesum Per Mariam. Ave Maria!

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