Catholic Adoration is pleased to offer Head Coordinators this comprehensive Organizational Meeting information to be used following the Adoration Invitation Weekend as well as Chapel Renewals. The information provides the Head Coordinator with a guide to establish a cohesive perpetual adoration team and materials explaining the commitment and responsibility of adorers.

Head Coordinator and Division Leader Folder for First Organizational Meeting:
English and Spanish

Division Leader Schedules:
English & Spanish

Invitation to Perpetual Adoration:
English and Spanish and French

Other Helpful Documents:

  1. What is Adoration: English and Spanish
  2. Standing Guard
  3. A Call to Holiness
  4. Prayer Petitions (place in folder outside chapel)
  5. Prayers Answered (place in folder outside chapel)
  6. Prayer of Consecration to Our Lady of The Blessed Sacrament (for parish to pray prior to mission)

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