Bishop John Barres

This morning we were overjoyed to receive the news of the new Bishop for Rockville Centre Diocese – Bishop John Barres. We give thanks to God for the faithful service of Bishop William Murphy and his kindness in welcoming our community to the diocese.

Below is a recent interview from EWTN where Bishop Barres speaks about objective truth, authentic ecumenism, the new evangelization and the power of the Mass. He also shares a very moving account of his call to the holy priesthood.

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  1. Patricia Ann says:

    Overjoyed, indeed! Bishop Barres motto:The Bishop’s motto derives from a phrase from the final section of the encyclical Redemptoris Missio written by Pope John Paul II in 1990, entitled “The True Missionary is the Saint.”
    Heartened by his love of the Mass, the saints, and at the 50:15 mark on the video Bishop Barres begins to speak about going to beautiful Old St. Patrick’s Basilica whenever he is in NYC to pray. “…the great courageous evangelizers all somehow made their way through Old St. Patrick’s so I go there, and I pray and try to draw some inspiration to have that courage, guts and missionary vision to move to the next step to where we need to go as Catholics in this country to be deeply charitable, deeply mystical…I think we have to be deeply contemplative…that whole insight of John Paul II.” May God continue to bless Bishop Murphy, Bishop Barres and our diocese.


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