The Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene

img_0496-1With the recent publication of Fr. Sean’s new book on Saint Mary Magdalene, we have received a lot of requests for more information regarding
the Basilica where her relics are located.

The Basilica is also home for the Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist who will be hosting a Eucharistic Congress there later this year. The Adoratio2017 congress is titled “Adoration in the Heart of the World”. For more information please click here.

This Congress is for anybody who would like to have a new experience of Divine Mercy through the grace of the Eucharist. The majority of the participants will come from France and Europe. The Congress will be lead by speakers and witnesses: lay people, priests and religious, all committed to a ministry of mercy, centered upon Eucharistic Adoration.


Here is a video with arial and interior views of the Basilica of St. Maximin, which is where the relics of Saint Mary Magdalene are kept in the crypt.


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