Behold Your Mother – Maria Advocata

During His agony on the Cross, Jesus gave us the person who was His consolation then to be our consoler now. In every age, through every difficulty, and in all suffering, Mary has been the powerful helper of the Church and all those in need.

I received this encouragement today from a priest friend in Rome, which I believe would be a good daily practice during this time. He says “For centuries, the image below hung in the Church of the Dominican nuns’ monastery of Sancti Sisto & Domenico… The nuns still have it, at Monte Mario monastery in Rome.  She is called Maria Advocata.  This icon was certainly carried by St. Dominic in procession.  An oral tradition recounts that St. Gregory the Great carried this icon in procession during the plague, and that he was granted a vision of the Archangel Michael over the Castel San Angelo stopping the plague. She is the perfect advocate for us today. I encourage you to say the prayer below daily.  Let’s pray for the sick and dying, the conversion of many, for our own safety and growth in holiness.”

Maria Advocata


O Most Holy Virgin and sweetest Mother, who by this image of yours miraculously transported to Rome didst deign to offer us a precious token of Thy love and blessings, behold us prostrate before Thee imploringly and confident.

The story of Thy miraculous manifestions and innumerable graces and favors which Thou hast granted throughout the centuries, touch us deeply because of the remembrance of your past great goodness and the hope that even in the future Thy heart will be just as favorable and generous to us.

Therefore, we ask Thee, O Mary, to show Thyself merciful and favorable in listening to our prayers, which we offer Thee today for the Church, the Pope, Society, our dear ones, living and dead, and in particular for … (mention the grace you desire).  Grant, O Mother, that in life we may be Thy honor and joy so that one day we may also be Thy crown and triumph together with the Angels and Saints in paradise. Amen.

United in prayer,


  1. Olivia Vollmer says:

    Thank you! Olivia

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  2. marilynecox says:

    Thank you, Paul. We look forward to your posts. Bill and I just prayed. We’ll be “carrying” this icon prayer daily. Hope you all are well, Marilyn



  3. Mary scialabba says:

    Thank you, Fr. Barry. Beautiful & much needed!🙏💙Ave Maria


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